Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit


So many things going on! Our company just left and I am shipping a bunch of orders tonight at my handy automated USPS machine a few minutes away from home.

I wanted to update you on some upcoming events!

Today has been crazy because there was an almost half page feature on my business in The Irondequoit Post in today's edition. This is our town's newspaper. I've had phone calls, emails and lots of inquiries through Etsy that I am trying to catch up on tonight since the boys are tucked in.

Tomorrow is Halloween and my Nick is marching in the Kindergarten parade in his costume, so tomorrow's posting will be light once again.

Saturday begins GET GREAT SKIN FOR A CAUSE. 50% of November's sales in my Etsy shop will be donated to The Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research.

Monday is the beginning of the Chic & Green Etsy Love: Holiday Edition. All ETSY LOVE features will be great holiday gift ideas, all for under $20, on Etsy! I have some great gifts lined up for you!

Next week will begin Shop NY on the blog. I planned to have this a daily thing, but I know right now that I will not be able to do Etsy Love, my Wednesday special feature (normally DIY Wednesday) and a daily shop local feature. Instead, Shop NY will be posted 1-2 times per week until after the new year.

Wednesday begins something new called What's In It? Wednesday. DIY Wednesdays will be back after the holidays, although it may not run weekly. My new Wednesday feature will be devoted to popular products and label decoding so you really know what you're putting on (and into) your skin. First product up will be Galderma's Cetaphil Cleanser.

In a few weeks, Lollishops will debut. This is a unique niche marketplace. It is huried, so vendors must apply to sell their wares. KZM Facial Care Boutique will be a shop on Lollipshops, so I have been preparing for that opening as well. I will continue to sell on Etsy, as well as this great new venue. My website,, will open later in may end up being pushed back until after the holidays so I don't get overwhelmed. I have a great time management system going, and this--along with lots of coffee--keeps things running well for me. If I can't do the site now in addition to everything else, it'll still be there in January :)

I think this about covers it. I am working very hard to keep turnaround at under 7 business days. I anticipate being caught up with orders placed through tonight by Sunday night, to get TAT back down. 

Oh, and in my shop you can expect to see some GREAT holiday gift sets! I am working on them after I go to the post office tonight!