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Freebies: Soul Mate & Shine Sweetie

Late last week I placed my first Cocoa Pink order. I ordered 2 Squeaky shampoos, one in Signature White and the other in Sweet Pumpkin. In addition to this, I ordered a palm oil free Goat's Milk soap in Cake on Mondays and two So Broke scrubs.

I haven't ordered from Ilona's Tampa-based shop before, but I have tried several items shared by friends: Shine Sweetie conditioner, Princess Poo shampoo, a Starbux bar, and a pure unrefined shea butter product for feet called Stinky. I also tried a soap from Ilona's business called Honey's Buns, which was a customer request for Ilona's interpretation of my old Miss Honey Buns soap which I stopped selling in June 2007.

Her products are very nice! I have also had the pleasure of speaking with Ilona via email a couple of different times and she seems really sweet and you can tell she loves what she does.

Last week I thought I'd try some more things. My first question was about her Cake on Mondays soap. I wanted to be sure it was palm oil free and I received a quicky and friendly reply from Dani, the customer service guru at Cocoa Pink

I have smelled every ounce of goodness from today's mail and everything smells great, especially the Candy Corn scented sugar scrub. It looks great AND smells just like candy corn. I've sniffed about 6 different candy corn fragrance oils before and none are identical to candy corn. Ilona's custom blended Candy Corn smells just like the edible Halloween treat.

I'm really eager to try it all. I have heard great things about Squeaky and am eager to try. The Princess Poo was a tad heavy in my hair and I am betting this is a better fit for me.

The soap smells heavenly and I cannot wait to try this one as well. 

Presentation-wise, everything is wonderful right down to the Halloween-friendly orange spider on the ribbon...which the boys fought over...and the Charms Blow Pop....which the boys fought over again and thought they could try to break in half.

Ilona included a deep conditioner called Soul Mate in Sweet Pumpkin as well as a Shine Sweetie conditioner in Pumpkin Pie Noel. Those are yummy scented extras!

I'll post an update next week after I've tried everything. For now, though, I am very impressed with Cocoa Pink and see more orders in the future :)