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A Light Week

Just wanted to let you know that it is most likely going to be a light week at Chic & Green.

My brother in law and his family are arriving late tonight from Colorado for a visit while he has a short break from a very long deployment to Iraq. He's in the Army and we haven't seen him since her returned from his first tour in Iraq--almost 2 years ago. Now he's about 11 months in to his 15 month deployment and he is finally home visiting, albeit briefly.

I'm making us Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night so he can celebrate with us. We're also meeting our new nephew, who was 3 months old when my brother in law left--the baby is now 14 months old and we get to meet him!

I will still do my daily Etsy Love feature. I have some product reviews lined up this week--find out why I just placed order #3 with Cocoa Pink yesterday--and a bit more.

I am moving back my SHOP NY feature to next week. I'm sorry for this. Between our company, my business, and Halloween festivities, it will be a very busy week.