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Indie Business Love: Crater Lake Company

Sharonn at Crater Lake Company never fails to impress. Everything I have ordered from her has always been top-notch. From customer service to product presentation and, most importantly, product quality--everything is divine.

I received another lovely order from this favorite business of mine and I have to say that I have come to the conclusion that Sharonn's unique scent blends in  and daily conditioner formula
rank #1 in my eyes. I have tried others that I really enjoy, but Crater Lake Company consistently knocks my socks off!

Here's what I ordered:

I ordered 2 bottles of True Lustre (now I am positive this is my most favorite conditioner for daily use) Conditioner. I got these in Coconut Bavarois and in Balinese Tea. I love how aloe vera is the #1 ingredient in this, and I love how I can use it without sicilone build up (it is 'cone and paraben free). It is a deep conditioner in that it truly treats and nourishes, but I would consider it a daily remedy for color-treated hair after shampooing. I will still use Cocoa Pink Soul Mate as a very rich deep treament once a week.  

I am also in love with the wonderful perfumes I ordered. I was blown away by Coconut Bavarois, Pan de Azucar con Leche, and Creamy Pear Sorbetto back in July. I am equally as impressed by the Halloween scents I received.


I ordered The Grudge Brownies, which Sharonn describes as " and creamy brownie fudge batter, mini-marshmallows and a secret pumpkin blend that's not too spicy and not too sweet". 

Chic & Green says: Yum. You can smell a rich batter like the kind of brownie batter you recall licking off a wooden spoon out of the mixing bowl as a child (or if you're like me, as an adult). Then you have a true, straight marshmallow scent and the perfect pumpkin. Not a pumpkin puree necessarily, but not a spicy pumpkin by any stretch. I will layer this with my body cream made with cocoa absolute to accentuate the chocolate! The Grudge Brownies really is a great fragrance creation!

I also ordered Evil Bread, which is described as "...fresh grated cinnamon, brown sugar, pumpkin puree and spice, a subtle whiff of raisins all mixed into the most delicious zucchini bread batter." 

C & G says: Wonderful. Absolutely delicious smelling. That last pumpkin scent I loved in perfume form was called "The Child Star Goes Trick or Treating" by Starring...! Fragrances. It is no longer made and came out in the fall of 2006. I received it in a swap nearly 2 years ago and it really was a gorgeous and yummy smelling perfume! It's been gone for a while now...since last year at at holiday time when I sprayed the last bit out of the bottle.

I love this Crater Lake Company scent. It is complex. When I first put it on, I smell spicy raisins--almost like a bread pudding made of cinnamon raisin bread. Then the spicy bite of the zucchini bread crops up. A moment later, you can detect a lovely pumpkin pie filling scent. It all dried down into an intoxicating scent you can easily picture having for dessert!

Now the last perfume I ordered is Sharonn's unique Balinese Tea, which is described on the CLC site as "A complex fragrance that defies categorization. Not exactly floral, fruity or green, this is an up lifting blend of crisp white tea and lychee fruit resting on a bed of greens. Sharply sweet at the onset, but never cloying, this fragrance opens with the crispness of white tea heightened with lychee fruit flesh. Lychee's distinctively heady sweet fragrance is evident throughout the wear, but as the fragrance evolves, it becomes richer and somewhat deeper. The faraway drydown is crisp and lush, with the afterburn of lychee's sweetness still lingering in the background"

C & G says: I love the aroma of white tea, so I took a gamble on this based solely on the fact that I enjoy the aroma of white tea. The way it mingles with the fruitiness and crisp greens is truly unique. It just blends together beautifully and is unexpectedly lovely. I am really enjoying it, as it is unlike any fragrance in my scent wardrobe. It really is beautiful. Absolutely different and beautiful, and I am thankful I ordered this in both a conditioner and perfume!

To make my wonderful Crater Lake Company even more fantabulous, Sharonn included a sample of Sugar Cloud scrub, which is now paraben-free. Yay!

Then she spoiled me with some other absolutely sinful fall fragrance samplers in The Princess & The Pumpkin, Crumb Topped Pumpkin Loaf, and Bittersweet Pumpkin.

Here are my impressions of the exquisite fragrances she sent as extras.

Bittersweet Pumpkin is described by Sharonn as "Semi-sweet chocolate, pumpkin spices, milk chocolate, hazelnut truffle, spiced sugar and a few drops of bitter almond collide to create this delicious treat."

C & G says: I do not like hazelnut scents, so I didn't think I would like this at all. That being said, this is truly delicious-smelling. The blend of milk chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate provides an element of warmth and balance to the bitter scent of the almonds, while softening the hazelnut. I like it. I wouldn't order it for myself, probably, but this one really is nice!

Crumb Topped Pumpkin Loaf is described as "Crumb-topped pumpkin loaf is the droolicious scent of warm pumpkin bread studded with hard toffee bits, mocha chips and chewy caramel. Rich, decadent and absolutely delicious. Fans of Evil Bread will fall for this one"

C & G  says: Oh, absolutely divine! Sharonn says if you like Evil Bread, you'll fall for this, and she is right. I love caramel and when you blend in the buttery rich caramel with pumpkin and toffee and a hint of coffee from the mocha, it's really decadent! Lovely.

The Princess & The Pumpkin the creation of a mom and her baby girl who happen to be CLC fans. The website describes this one as "a silky pumpkin sniff with equal parts of sweetness and spice all wrapped into the smoothness of buttercream marshmallow frosting." 

C & G says: Another disclaimer--I do not like Pink Sugar. It smells horrible on me. I like it when I smell it blended with other fragrances and I like it in the bottle. It just does not work with my chemistry, whether it be the Aquolina original version, or deuplicate versions. In the bottle, this smells so sweet and heavenly. I love it in the bottle. I think it smells fabulous spritzed onto a piece of tissue paper to test out. It doesn't smell good on me, but that is a "me" issue, not a scent issue. I have a friend who likes Pink Sugar blends as well as pumpkin blends, so this is on its way to her!

Final Thoughts

Sharonn is a master at the art of fragrance blending. You can tell that she is a perfectionist and probably stays up until the wee hours of the morning with her notebook, pen and a bunch of little glass bottles perfecting each blend until it is just that: perfect

The quality of her unique blends is really top notch--think along the lines of high end boutique fragrances. Blending fragrances is truly an art, and she really has this art mastered.