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Have a great weekend!

Oy. What a night. I realized right at this moment that it's been a week of horrible eating. I had Whoppers tonight...and a peanut butter cup...some homemade caramels from Have It Confections on Etsy (they are divine!), and a Zweigles red hot with cheese. My stomach feels exactly the way it does when I go on the Tilt a Whirl at the local amusement park.

This whole week has been outside the norm. I made Thanksgiving dinner Monday for our visiting family. I had seconds on that...I think I might have had a third helping of my homemade bread pudding, but it was a mock holiday, so who was keeping track? Late that night we went on a double date with my brother in law and his wife to a local brewery and I had a beer and Buffalo wing dip. At least I had celery with it.

Did I mention going to Sticky Lips, a local BBQ resturant for a pulled pork sandwich and macaroni and cheese? Or about the pecan pie, pumpkin pie and toffee bars I made for our guests?

We went out to breakfast yesterday and I had Eggs Benedict. So much for my standard breakfast of Greek yogurt with honey, walnuts and fruit, some Kashi Heart to Heart and a green tea with lemon and honey...

I usually allow myself to eat what I want to on weekends only. My weekend has lasted for a week and I just feel like an overstuffed pumpkin right now. I think I need to go find something with an elasticized waist and have a decadent chewy Tums or something.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day and a new month!

HAVE  GREAT WEEKEND! I will be back on Monday!