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'Fess Up Readers!

Which Which Goose hair accessory would be best for moi?

This morning I posted about the lovely hair combs (crowns) from Which Goose on Etsy. I had the middle pictured comb in my cart...I returned from picking Nick up from school and someone else bought the clip. HMMPH! Which one of you lovelies bought it out from under me?

Seriously, I am so happy it will be going to a good home and will be appreciated and adored. I just might have to pick out a different one now!

While I am posting...this is my new brown hair color (excuse the stray hairs in the picture :)....Every fall I ponder whether I should go dark instead of doing lowlights. My hair to all you hair professionals is naturally a "7N" shade which I add lowlights and highlights to. I took the plunge and I like it...makes my eyes look bluer now. I want to add some flair with a purchase from my Etsy Love pick today. Which one would would you buy if you were me? I'd love to hear your opinions! And don't forget I am waiting for one of you to tell me YOU'RE the buyer of the "Murron" clip from Which Goose!