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Everyday Minerals: High-End Products at Affordable Prices

My 12-piece order

What great brushes!

Top-notch powders and blushes

Full sized freebies, too!

Everyday Minerals is my favorite makeup brand, hands down. I have used dozens of brands of mineral makeup, from drugstore to Bare Escentuals and Jane Iredale. None compare to the quality, texture and ease of application of Everyday Minerals.

I used to switzh my makeup around between mineral makeup and traditional makeup. For the past couple of years, however, I would say that mineral makeup accounts for about 95% of my makeup. In the summer, I do often opt for my favorite Smashbox tinted moisturizer, but now that fall is here I am using everything mineral except for my mascara and lipstick.

As I have mentioned before, I typically purchase my makeup twice a year. I am a shade lighter this time of year and my skin is a tad more dry, so I need to choose my makeup accordingly. Lipstick and specialized items (bronzer, special occasion makeup) I purchase as needed. 

A couple of weeks back I placed another order from Everyday Minerals. They offer several options from which to chooose--samples, small pots, and large pots. They also sell kits at amazingly prices. The larger the kit, the more you save. What is unique to Everyday Minerals is the fact that your kit is 100% customizable! You don't end up getting stuck with a color you don't like.

For fall I ordered the 12 piece set. For $50 you get 12  full sized items. That is incredible.

Here is what I ordered:

*Intensive Fair Concealer
*Intensive Foundation in Fawn
*Finishing Dust Finishing Powder
*Swimming Pool Blush
*Golden Fair Pressed Powder Foundation
*Flat Top Brush
*Eye Kabuki Brush
*Angled Blush Brush
*In the Garden Eye Shadow
*Starlit Eye Shadow
*Rare Silk Eye Shadow
*Wild Flowers Eye Shadow

If I had ordered the exact same items separately, it would have cost $25 for the 3 brushes, $24 for the eye shadows, and $56 for the remaining items. That is a total of $105. I saved $55!

As a woman who spent most of my adult life applying makeup on others as my profession, I can tell you how great it would've been for me to have Everyday Minerals when I was doing freelance work! I would've had so much fun with everything. I can also tell you that the cosmetics put on the market by Everyday Minerals really are high-quality. 

You will not find parabens in Everyday Minerals. You will not find talc. More importantly, you will not find Bismuth Oxychloride, the highly irritating ingredient found in Bare Escentuals. I am working on a lengthy piece on this ingredient, as well as other "bad" ingredients found in several other mineral makeup lines. This was prompted by one of my lovely readers who has had issues of toxicity because of the way her body absorbs the minerals.

One thing about this order I am most pleased by is the quality of the makeup brushes. When Everyday Minerals was still a young company, their brushes--in my opinion--were very shoddy. They shed bristles on my face, were rough in texture, and were just sub-par compared to other brushes on the market.

I wrote a review of Ecotools several weeks ago. This is an earth-friendly line of makeup brushes. I actually like the new Everyday Minerals brushes better. The handles on these are also bamboo. The bristles don't shed, are exquisitely soft, and promote an ease in makeup application. 

I am so happy with the eye shadow colors I chose, especially Rare Silk and Wild Flowers. These blend beautifully for daily wear. Rare Silk is a must have "base" neutral--it is matte and so soft and silky. It glides seamlessly with the Kabuki Eye Brush. As an accent, I apply Wild Flowers, a muted deep taupe with the slightest hint of aubergine. It is a lovely color! To change things up a bit, Starlit is a gorgeous greyed blue. This really makes the eyes pop in the evening. In the Garden is a deeper, more shimmery version of Wild Flowers when I put it on.

The texture of the Eye Shadow from Everyday Minerals is that of pure silky luxury. Wonderful. Foolproof.

I have tried all of the formulations through samples and past purchases of the foundation. Of them all, I like Intensive the best. It isn't matte on me, but isn't glowy (AKA disco ball shine time). It is your skin made to look perfect! I am using Fawn, the perfect shade for me. 

The concealer applies beautifully. I am using my old Bare Escentuals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush. I have had it for several years, but I adore it. I use this with the Intensive Fair concealer and it does its job of concealing any darkness. I apply it to the inner corners of my eyes where there are darker shadows. 

I used to be devoted to Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil. I loved the airbrushed look it gave. When I became more ingredient-conscious, I said I wouldn't buy Mineral Veil because it contained parabens. Several months back I was in Ulta and found that Mineral Veil had the parabens removed, so I bought it again. I have been comparing BE Mineral Veil and EM Finishing Dust for 2 weeks. Finishing Dust, on me, is the superior one. It goes on a bit lighter in terms of texture, and there is no chalkiness. It feels lighter, yet builds coverage with more ease and without looking unnatural. 

The one and only product I am not sure I would buy again is the Pressed Powder Foundation. You need to apply it very, very lightly or it will look heavy. I love the recyled paper container it comes in (much like the Physician's Formula Organics line or Cargo's eco-consious range), it is very portable and convenient...It just isn't of the same quality as the other other Everyday Minerals products.

Shipping is affordable and super fast. I think I paid just over $3 for First Class shipping and had my order in about a week. They also were generous with samples, including 2 full sized products- 75 Blue Eye Shadow and a great evening blush called Viki's Radiant Creation.

There is no need to spend $20, $30 or $40 (or more) for a single mineral makeup item in order to have high end quality makeup with beautiful results. Everyday Minerals is high quality makeup for everyday people. Head over and check out the line today. They offer FREE custom kits--try out some great samples and just pay for shipping. I highly recommend their Custom kits when you decide to buy full-sized items because you truly get a bargain this way!