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Not Turquoise, but the Winterberry Hoops are quite lovely!

Cigar Box Earrings is a shop on Etsy featuring handmade jewelry by a talented woman named Marilyn. 

What drew me to her shop was the variety of turquoise pieces, such as the green turquoise pendant and the unique African chocolate turquoise earrings. They really are unique with the warm birghtness of the copper mixed with the muted warmth in the stone.

Marilyn offers bracelets, pendants, and--you guessed it--earrings at Cigar Box Earrings. Her work is very lovely, her prices are quite affordable, and she is very friendly and professional. If you're looking for a gift for yourself or for a loved on this upcoming holiday season, stop on over to Cigar Box Earrings. Tell her Chic & Green sent you!