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ETSY LOVE: Which Goose

I love vintage hair accessories. I have a chin length bob much like the pictures of Emily from Which Goose above. I usually find a way to be modern while having a little punch of vintage in my accessories by wearing a small shabby rose or a unique bobby pin in my hair so just a bit shows.

When I was looking on Etsy for more to accent my new chocolate brown hair (said good bye to blond once again), I came across these stunning pieces.

The very talented and beautiful Emily owns Which Goose. I am so drawn to the second decorated comb shown here. It is so beautiful and I wish I had found something like that for my wedding! It is stunning and I adore it. I just don't know where I would wear it. Taking Nick to school? In the checkout at Wegmans? It's be great for a formal party. I wish I had the courage to wear something like that daily. I'd feel like a princess.

The inspiration for Emily's shop comes from her love of playing dress up with her sister. She loved playing princess and that childlike love translates beautifully into her gorgeous and unique hair crowns. They are beautiful while being fun and whimsical at the same time.

Bring out your inner princess today and treat yourself to one of these lovely crowns. Have a wedding to attend? A formal holiday event? A New's Years Eve gala? Why not have something to make you feel like a queen, look gorgeous, both without having to worry that another woman in the room will be wearing the exact same thing?

We all want to feel like royalty from time to time...I think I might just treat myself to one of Emily's pieces...Now if I could only decide which one!

Emily also has a wonderful blog in case you'd like to check it out.