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ETSY LOVE: Sweet Treats for Everyone at Pink Cupcakes

100% of the proceeds of the cupcake trifle above will be donated to charity.

Yum, how about a Red Velvet Cupcake Trifle?

Or perhaps Black Forest?

Treat your pumpkin to a candy corn cupcake trifle!

Pink Cupcakes is a shop on Etsy featuring Cupcake Trifles. These made from scratch confections are made by a fellow stay at home mom who has plans to open a cupcake bar! How come none of these delicious cupcake crafters set up shop in Upstate New York? Rochester does have a low cost of living...and I would be a great customer!

When I stumbled upon this shop, I was captured by two things right off the bat: Red Velvet Cake and trifle.

When Tom and I lived in Savannah, we were fortunate enough to live a few minutes away from Paula Deen's restaurant,  The Lady and Sons. Let's just say that we enjoyed going there and if we still lived in Savannah, I would probably weigh 300 pounds because of the sweet tea and Paula Deen lunches and dinners.

The first time I ever had Red Velvet Cake, or had even heard of it, was at that restaurant. I expected a cherry flavor based on appearance only. I was pleasantly surprised to taste the cocoa and the delicate cream cheese frosting. Delicious!

Trifle was something else not so common here that we found often on dessert menus in the south. The first time I tasted trifle was at The Oyster Bar on Wilmington Island, which was about 2 minutes from our place.

Putting them together sounds like a taste of heaven, and Pink Cupcakes offers just what I described--a Red Velvet Cupcake Trifle. Yum!

So many other delicious sounding treats are offered at Pink Cupcakes, from Black Forest to Candy Corn, which my Nick would love for Halloween!

If you only plan on buying one cupcake, I'd suggest her special cupcake which is for a great cause! Her Breast Cancer Cupcake is in honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and she will donate 100% of the proceeds of this cupcake to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

The Cupcake Trifles at Pink Cupcakes look simply divine, and they are competitively priced with other cupcakes my Indie businesses on the web. Head on over to Pink Cupcakes today and tell her that Chic & Green sent you!