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ETSY LOVE: Jaime Beitler

You need to look no further to see a sample of Jaime's work that up at my new blog banner. This is by Jaime of Jaime Beitler Designs on Etsy, and I think she did a fabulous job. I adored my other banner, but fall is here and my lovely floral banner was most certainly a summertime one.

Jaime is very talented in the graphic design department. She worked with me every step of the way to get the look I wanted for Chic & Green to reflect ME. She deigned a very beautiful banner with a picture of me on it with a vintage hair ornament. It was lovely, but I was having one of those feeling low kind of days and didn't want the image of me to scare my readers away, LOL.  You know the kind of day when you try on 10 outfits and aren't happy and when your hair won't do what you want it to and all you want to do is have a big hunk of dark chocolate and hide? Anyway--I am not used to me with dark hair, so having the banner up for 10 hours was enough to make me get the supplies in the morning and return to blonde, but more on that later.

Jaime is a real gem to work with. She really listens and tries to figure out a way to have the design reflect the recipient. I don't know if it was planned or not, but the vintage label in my banner with the old ad even says "Rochester, NY" and that is so cool since that's where I am!

If you want to spruce up your Etsy shop, she offers many truly unique and fun banners and avatars, as well as Thank You buttons, and Custom Listing buttons. I bought a Christmas "blogcessory" which you can find on my blog down on the left column. It's cute and gets you in the mood for holiday shopping...which I am trying to get done BEFORE Thanksgiving this year so I can avoid going to Toys R Us at 5am!

Seriously, though, Jaime's work is absolutely beautiful. When you're done checking out her design shop on Etsy, I ask you to look at her main website and her great blog, all of which look beautiful!

Jaime, thank you! This blog banner suits this blog--and this blogger--perfectly!