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ETSY LOVE: It's Tea Time!

I love tea. Y'all know I'm a coffee addict, but a nice hot cup of tea is so soothing, especially on a chilly and damp day in upstate New York.

Saturday afternoon I ordered a sampler from Teaman on Etsy. I received 75 bags of tea (15 different flavors) for $7.50. This is for hand blended tea--10 cents a bag!

The man behind Teaman is a dad in a Michigan small town & he has been blending tea for 14 years. Let me assure you, he knows what he is doing! I love the convenience of the bags. I usually find that loose hand-blended teas are a bit more decadent, but this is truly a high quality tea.

The teas smell great and taste even more heavenly. I have had 2 cups since my packaged arrived a couple of hours ago: Blueberry/Blackberry and Orange Spice, which is a green tea. The berry blend is a robust tea and you can taste both berries. I prefer my tea with a bit of cream and either a teaspoon of honey or 1/2 packet of Sugar in the Raw. I had the sugar and cream with the berry blend and it was a delicious cup of tea!

I am finishing my Orange Spice green tea. It only has honey in it right now, and I love it! I know many of you aren't in love with the taste of green tea. Try this one. It is a delicious autumnal green tea and it is delicious.

Other flavors included in my package:

*Sencha Green
*Apple Cinnamon Green (this would be great in a smells that good)
*Chai Tea
*Vanilla Classic
*Chamomile Herbal
*Earl Grey
*Mandarin Mango
*English Breakfast
*Peppermint Herbal

Am I going to enjoy all of these? Yes. I love tea, but will never like every single flavor. I think most of us are that way. Now, I am picky and may not *love* every flavor, but that is what is so great aout tea: it has other uses. If you come across a flavor you aren't crazy about, you can put some of the bags in the tub. I actually do this all the time as an alternative to tub tea bags you can buy. Your water will smell great and if your skin will benefit from the herbal infusion. 

I love peppermint, but if you don't, it works well in water to soak your feet.

One without spices can go on your eyes to relieve swelling.

I say, though, go and order up some tea. This shop is wonderful and I will be ordering more tea from Teaman as Christmas gifts.