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ETSY LOVE: Cat Seyler Smith

Art has been a key part of Cat Seyler-Smith's life since she was a baby. She tagged along with her mother to art class at Yale. Her immediate passion was evident, and her mother's art professor took her under her wing and began offering her private classes. Years of study in the fine arts followed, and Cat took classes in everything from ceramics to drawing.

Cat has been a professional artist, selling her creatings all over the world. She has designed products for major catalogs, and even worked as a fashion stylist. She has truly immersed herself in all things artistic and creative.

How fortunate to find Cat's work over on Etsy. You'll find her original paintings, notecards, magnets, and more in this shop. What caught my eye about her work is the fact that each creation makes you smile. Everything is just fresh and cheerful, while instilling a sense of tranquility when you're looking her shop. 

I have two favorite pieces in her shop: the first pulled me in because it has deep brown and pink in it, one of my favorite color combinations. I love the zinnia with the lone bird. It's really lovely.I It's a simple piece, but would really decorate your space.

My most favorite work of art in this shop is called Zinnias and Heart Blossoms. It's the first one pictured in this Etsy Love piece. Zinnias and Heart Blossoms is a work of art I would actually choose even though my decorating style isn't contempory. I'd happily use it in a neutral space to add some life and it could easily go into a space with more of a vintage feel. It is just a beautiful piece.

Cat's shop is full of items in all price ranges. How about a magnet and notecards as part of an office Secret Santa exchange? From magnets to large paintings, there is surely something for everyone!

Head on over to Cat's Etsy shop and be sure to tell her Chic and Green sent you!