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ETSY LOVE: Castlegate

Lisa of the Etsy shop Castlegate has been crocheting since she was 5. Her grandmother taught her, and the craft has stayed with her all of these years.

I was looking for some unique handmade scarves for this winter and am so happy to have stumbled upon her shop! 

My two favorites are her Chocolate Truffle scarflette (see top picture) and the Pink Passion scarf (bottom picture). Both are perfect for my coloring and would add some flair to by black winter coat. I think the middle scarf pictured, which is called Desert Heat, would look absolutely stunning on a red head or someone with lots of warmth in her coloring.

In addition to the gorgeous scarves in Lisa' shop, you'll find some adorable hats for small children. There's a cute one with flowers I think would look perfect on my sweet niece, Matilda.

When I was a little girl, my Grandma Scheele taught me how to crochet. She was left-handed, so I learned to do it that way even though I am not. I didn't master the craft at all, unfortunately. I could make a GREAT single row of yarn, but couldn't understand making more than 2 rows. I am so glad Lisa's Grandma Irene taught her how to crochet and that her love and passion for the craft prompted her to share her wares with the rest of us!

Run on over to Castlegate, treat yourself to a lovely item from her shop, and tell her Chic & Green sent you!