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ETSY LOVE: Bliss Candles

As I write this post (a day before it will appear in my blog), I am in the midst of making Thanksgiving dinner for my brother in law and his family who are visiting from Colorado. Zach, my brother in law is deployed to Iraq and he is home visiting for a few days. I was thinking as I set the table how I forgot to get some jar candles for my dining room table.

I decided to start looking for some Thanksgiving candles for when we host our next big holiday dinner--on the actual day of Thanksgiving. Of course, I went right over to Etsy and decided to stop and browse the Bliss Soybean Candles and Gifts shop.

Bliss is owned by the lovely Suzette, a very busy lady who has 2 blogs and does several craft shows each year. She began her business "by accident" in 2004 after reading an article about melting candles together to create your own unique candle. That prompted her to start searching for soy candle supplies, and her hobby turned into her passion. 

The candles offered at Bliss are my ecofriendly favorite: soy. She has a huge scent menu--there are over 180 fragrances from which to choose.

Her candle options are plentiful--from tealights to short jars, mayo jars, and many others. She has some great deals when you buy more than 1.

The fall and holiday fragrances look absolutely heavenly. How about Cranberry Chutney for your Thanksgiving table? Or Caramelized Pecans? Cinnamon Buns? Amaretto Nog, anyone? I have about 20 scents I'd like to try just for the upcoming holidays!

Head on over to Bliss Soybean Candles and Gifts today. When you're finished, why don't you check out her other Etsy shop featuring digital photography? It's called Posies for Lewis and can be found by clicking this link.