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ETSY LOVE: Baby Cakes

I have a sweet tooth. I love anything and everything sweet and do moderation. My boys and I have Deborah's Ghiradelli Shaved Chocolate Cookie recipe baking in the oven as we speak, as a matter of fact.

Cupcakes are popular. Cupcake bakeries are fans of many celebrities. Cupcake decor can be found. I even have a handpainted (from Etsy) cupcake sign in my dining room. What's not to like about a decadent cake accented with creamy frosting and placed in a cup or jar to sit and chow down? I think we all like cupcakes.

I've tried several Indie cupcake businesses on the internet and over on Etsy. I have liked them, but not found any yet to be worth the price--especially when you can make several in mason jars in your own oven for the same price. They've been great tasting--don't get me wrong--I just like getting a great value for things.

Today I was over at the forums on Etsy and I came across a seller with a business called BabyCakes. The woman behind it, a mom of 2 boys like me, sells individual cupcakes in reusable cups for $3.25 each. That is by far the most reasonable over on Etsy. 

Micki, the delightful baker/proprietress even explains in her profile why she offers her delicious treats at such a low price. She might not buy the most expensive ingredients such as Madagascar vanilla beans or splurge on organic eggs, but she uses the best flour,vanilla, and other ingredients she can buy. She describes herself as being less into frills and more into great cupcakes.

I am so anxious to try her cupcakes. I actually ordered her Red Velvet and Mocha Marshmallow. I can't wait to try these cupcakes.

Micki's cupcakes are made from recipes passed down from her mom. Her mother was a talented Bakery Chef and her cupcakes have fed country music stars in Memphis and even dignataries from the World's Fair when it was in Knoxville. That speaks volumes about the cupcake recipes!

You'll find individual cupcakes and sampler packs at this young Etsy store. It's important to point out that the BabyCakes kitchen is a licensed baking facility which is inspected by the Health Department as well--I believe this to be very important when ordering food. This gives me even more confidence in trying BabyCakes, which is quite new to Etsy.

Click the link and check out Micki's selecting of cupcakes today! Be sure to tell her Chic & Green sent you!