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Sneak Peek at a Couple of the Changes at kzm...

I have chosen my kzm Facial Care Boutique labels and in doing so, I realized that the limited selection of natural body care products deserve to have their own identity as well. kzm Chic & Green Natural Body Care is available in my Etsy shop.

The body products are the same. I am offering one fragrance free lotion simply called Goat's Milk & Aloe Lotion (formerly known as Miss Goat's Soothe Your Skin with Aloe and featured in Canvas in June 2007). I will also be offering a fabulous 99% natural body cream called Light Creme. I am offering a small handful of scents, only scented with 100% pure essential oils. No synthetic fragrances are offered anymore (except for seasonal room sprays from time to time).

In the kzm Chic & Green line, you will also continue to find my natural liquid body soap and hair & body mist. The Honey Brew Shampoo, Herbal Infusion Rinse and Monoi Treatment Hair Oil still remain. Nothing new is planned--just the few basics to complement the kzm Facial Care Boutique offerings.

One change which does not affect the quality, performance or texture of your favorite products: a new preservative system! As always, we are a paraben-free company. Until September 1st, Germall Plus was my preservative. My new system is globally approved and deemed very safe, effective, and non-irritating. It is called Optiphen Plus and it is very effective at keeping the nasties away! This contains no propylene glycol, petrolatum ingredients or other "iffy" ingredients. I wanted to bring it out sooner, but I have been testing it for several months. It's not just a matter of substituting an equal amount of one preservative for another, unfortunately. This has performed exceptionally well in a variety of situations and in diverse temperatures/humidity levels/etc.

Take a look at the new labels! I was lucky to find a sweet, talented woman on Etsy, Ana de Roux of Paperie de Roux. Ana put up with me trying to explain what I was going for and seemed to have it down pat right away. She was a gem to work with and I am very pleased with how the labels look. The new labels are glossy white waterproof labels. I am trying to work the kinks out of doing the label printing myself, so not all of them are posted on Etsy yet. Ana's work is very affordable considering the work she puts into them and the results you'll get! Check out her Etsy shop!