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Above: one of my tart bowls full of Starring...! soy melts

OK, I said "NO MORE STARRING TARTS!" until I finish up the two dozen remaining tarts I have left. I have resisted buying tarts since the end of July (except to order some from Ashley for my friend Beth)...I've really resisted temptation.

Well, that is shot! I had to place this order today or I would've kicked myself. It all started with this chilly, damp day we were having. I decided to pick a warm, spicy tart from one of my giant tart bowls. It's not even one I ordered. Ashley from Starring...! Fragrances included Fruity Funnel Cake as an extra in my first tart order. I pulled it out today and decided to burn it. Truth me told, this is the best darn tart I have ever burned. I love tarts. I used to make tarts and I am very picky about my tarts. If you're a regular reader you know that Starring...! makes fabulous soy tarts at very low prices and they last 2-3 burnings.

Well, this was better than any of the others I have burned if that is even possible. I thought Bread Pudding or Golden Apple Harvest were her best ones...this is even better. Today I had the tart on (electric warmer) and ten minutes after I turned it on, I was down in the basement doing laundry. I had the basement door closed and I smelled a heavenly cinnamon baked delight all the way down there. When I came back upsatirs, the whole house smelled like I was in a bakery. The smell continues to waft through our home. Even my mailman asked what I was baking today!

I won't buy tarts from anyone else. I have never had a "dud" of a tart. Her tarts are 100% soy and they burn so cleanly. The scent throw is amazing and every time I burn a new scent, it is like unwrapping a small gift.

Ashley's tarts are normally $1 each. That is very low these days for a tart, especially when you factor in that her tarts are TWO OUNCES each! Most tarts on the market are about an ounce each these days. You're paying a buck for a tart that will last you two to three burnings. 

Now for why I could NOT resist: Starring...! soy tarts are all 50% off right now. Her large tarts are only $0.50 each and her clearance scents (in smaller cups) are $0.23! Less than a quarter for a tart...amazing.

Given that I burn tarts daily in the fall and winter, I thought now was a great time to buy more. I purchased 25 tarts for me and I ordered 15 to give my mom. Head on over to Starring...! right now and stock up on the best soy tarts you'll ever burn at unheard of prices!