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Product Review: Jojoelle Hair Conditioner

I am very, very picky about the products I use and the scents I enjoy. Sometimes too picky, truth be told. For every product I test out or buy and enjoy, I probably find problems with 3 or 4. I was immediately impressed with Jojoelle Hair Conditioner, though. From the moment I opened the package to see the actual products, to the initial sniffs, to the actual quality of the products, I was totally impressed.

I don't buy retail conditioners anymore. I don't have time to make anything either. Plus, I have a great routine down using my Honey Brew Shampoo and following with an herb-infused apple cider vinegar rince a couple times a week. My hair is in great condition. That being said, the heat is going to soon be on every single day. the air is hair will feel the effects (not to mention static) and I'll need a conditioner most days again.

I actually just placed an order for some more of Sharonn's conditioners at Crater Lake Company. CLC True Lustre is free of parabens and silicones. I like it a great deal!  I had always wanted to try Jojoelle as well, so when she reopened very recently, I decided to order some of hers as well since they met the requirements for ingredients I won't use. 

Let me start by saying that Jo of Jojoelle is a class act. She is great at answering questions, is knowledgable and so helpful!
I love this conditioner.

You know if you're a regular reader that I love the Crater Lake Company True Lustre. The ingredients are not the same. They are two different products that I adore in their own ways. This is a bit heavier. I do not like one more than the other and because I am a happy customer from both now, I will order my conditioners from both.

Jojoelle Hair Conditioner is not heavy. It's not weighing my thick hair down, yet it nourishes very well. The scents are exquisite, particularly the Iced Pumpkin Cupcakes. This truly smells like slightly spicy (not overwhelming at all) pumpkin pie filling and white cake, as described, You can detect the buttercream frosting as well. This is a very well blended scent unlike other pumpkins I have tried from others. I love it. 

Nick likes it too, by the way. First it was smelling like Pink he wants to smell like pumpkin, as "Pink Lemonade is girly," according to this 5 year old.

I got my order Saturday, making it a quick turnaround...I had it about one week and a day after ordering. The conditioners smelled so decadent I had to use one of them right away!
In addition to Iced Pumpkin Cupcakes, which is a must-have this fall, I ordered Chocolate Framboise. This is a great chocolate scent--like a fine bittersweet chocolate truffle blended with a raspberry coulis. Smells delicious! 

She has two sizes available. I ordered the 4 ounce with pump to start with for $7.95. How handy the pump is! She offers a pump at no additional charge too! A larger 8 ounce size is available for $13.95.

I am ecstatic about my order. Jo's  products are top notch, and I am so happy to have tried Jojoelle. Once I find products I enjoy, I am a very loyal customer and can easily see myself buying from her shop long for as long as I have hair on my head, which will hopefully be forever!

Run over over to Jojoelle today! Use the code Halloween15 and take 15% off your order and receive $5 shipping as well.

Something else has dawned on me here as I type this smelling so good....I now have found my 4 absolute favorite Indie etailers...I think I might just stop looking for more. Of the ones I have tried over the years, Jojoelle, Crater Lake Company, Starring...! Fragrances and Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soaps are the best of the best (unless you're looking for facial care, LOL)!