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kzm Facial Care Boutique News!

Just wanted to let my customers and readership know about some great products I have been working on now for the past few months! These will be ready to launch by the last week in October!

Before I do that, though, I wanted to reiterate something I first announced on my blog over the summer. In memory of my dad, I am going to be donating 50% of all sales from my Etsy shop during the month of November to The Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research.

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. This is one of the deadliest cancers, yet has the least spent on research funding, which is totally unacceptable. To clarify, this will not be based on my actual profit (after taking away cost of supplies, labor), but rather 50% of the selling cost! In other words, if you buy a $10 cream in November, $5 will be donated!!!

This begins November 1 and will go through November 30.

I started hosting events back in January 2007 to benefit this great charity, and will continue doing so until a CURE is found and no one else dies from this disease.

Let's talk about what's going to be coming soon in my shop!

I wanted to have them out tomorrow, but I need to get my existing orders done at a faster rate. Turnround time is now 7-8 business days and if I ever go over 10 business days, I will temporarily remove the items from my Etsy shop until I'm all caught up...I am planning on an all-nighter tonight, so hopefully that will bring me back to the 3 business day mark!

All-Natural Deodorant Stick: I made the transition from regular deodorant containing parabens and aluminum over a year ago to "natural" deodorants. I have been happy with some, but when you look at the ingredients, propylene glycol is right up near the top of the ingredients list, along with several less than natural items. I have been tinkering with recipes and testing them and I have a great stick deodorant made with essential oils and natural hard butters to make a firm deodorant stick with natural odor-absorbing properties.

All Natural Lip & Cheek Tint: I cannot wait to launch this one! If you love the fall rich berries for the lips, you'll love this! Made with a 100% natural elderberry-based colorant, this cheek and lip tint is going to be one of your fall must-haves for a rosy glow.

Earl Grey Lip Balm: Made with a  natural jelly much like Vaseline, only without any harmful petrolatum, this leaves lips soft and glossy. Pair it with the new lip and cheek tint!  Did I mention this has a wonderful flavor? It has an all-natural Earl Grey Tea flavor in this and is simply wonderful! 

A New Firming Facial Night Cream: What happens when you take my original Goat's Milk Face cream and add in argeriline and hyaluronic acid? The result is an anti-aging and firming powerhouse! This has been in the making for a very long time and for those with skin showing lines and wrinkles, this is for you! This product is unscented. This is a rich cream ideal for applying to the skin as partof your bedtime beauty ritual!

A Brand New Serum: A proprietary blend (as are all of my facial products) of rice bran oil, olive squalane, green tea and hemp for superior age fighting and antioxidant power!