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KZM Facial Care Boutique is in October's Body + Soul Magazine!

Available on newstands now, the October 2008 issue of Body + Soul has chosen my custom Goat's Milk Facial Cream as one of their 3 recommended products in a short piece they did on goat's milk!

Find it on Page 30 of this Martha Stewart Living/OmniMedia publication!

I am thrilled about this. Imagine my surprise one day in May when I was checking emails and had a request from a beauty editor (who had been browsing Etsy) to please send me a sample of my facial skin care items with goat's milk for a possible feature via Fed Ex overnight delivery! I sent the samples and was contacted again in mid June to send a full-sized facial cream for a photo shoot in New York City.

I love Body + Soul and am a faithful reader because it's the ideal magazine for those seeking a chic and green lifestyle. My copy hasn't arrived yet, so I have been in Wegmans and Target daily for the past few days hoping to find the latest issue. Last night I found it in Barnes & Noble. The cashier must've thought I was nuts because you could say I bought more than 1 copy :)

 You know, I am a busy stay at home mom and have thought so many nights when I am tired and cranky about putting a "closed" sign up until the boys are both older because doing my work late at night when they're sleeping is tiring. That being said, I have tried it before and it's like missing a piece of myself. I truly love my facial products so much and love creating something customized and blended for each customer's skin type. I love talking to my customers, whether it be face to face here in the Rochester area or over the internet for my Etsy customers. Not doing this is an option because this is part of who I am.

I just feel very honored and excited. My Goat's Milk Facial Cream is a great product, and it has been perfected since it first came out early last spring. Those who tried it when I first launched it may recall the little green flecks of green tea powder. It worked well, but was a little green looking! It no longer has the powder and has the extract. It no longer has Germall Plus, having switched to Optiphen for the preservttive. It really works and I charge $10 for something that is made with an essential oil blend just for you. 

It is wonderful when you work hard, love what you do, and believe in the finished product. It is icing on top of the cake, though, when a magazine you avidly read features your product. I am just excited and wanted to share with my readers!

The October 2008 issue has the pear on the cover and sells for $4.99. And don't forget to turn to page 30!