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Happy 5th Birthday!

Ready for kindergarten orientation day!

Our son Nicholas turned 5 today. Tomorrow he will start kindergarten. I honestly have no idea how time has gone by so fast. Five years ago today, Nick was under the bililights in the special care nursery because of his severe jaundice. He arrived 5 weeks early. He couldn't wait to come into this world any longer. We were so blessed right from the start--he went home after only 5 days and has been healthy and happy since he came into our lives.

Nick is an amazing little boy: inquisitive, empathetic, a great big brother to Benjamin. He collects dinosaurs and he loves to read. Today he was a happy clam because he is now old enough to get his own library card. He wanted one of his own, as opposed to having me check books out for him.

We went to the local library and he proudly signed the back of his card and promptly filled his little market bag with books. As we enjoyed our last day of summer vacation together, I did not have a chance to blog. I know you'll understand.

Tomorrow I will have an Etsy Love: Coffee Week feature on Starring...! Fragrances. She has a great sounding Eau de Parfum with a coffee flair that must be checked out!

Again, thanks for understanding while it's been a very light week :) Next week I'll be back full throttle!

These are the moments in life that make life worth living. As much as I love to write and as much as I love my Etsy shop, taking a break to spend time with the wee ones is OK to do! We had a busy, busy week spent as a family and enjoyed every moment!