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Falling for Chocolate While Rocking the Vote

So I decided to spend some of my birthday money on makeup :)

I didn't plan to, but I splurged a little bit (and shipping was free!) at Stila's website.

I was lured into placing an order the moment I went to their site and was greeting by a lovely palette. It's the beautiful Fabulous for Fall Chocolate Palette and it sells for $40. I do not usually buy palettes/collections because I only use a small percentage of what is actually in them. I typically use one of the eyesahdow shades, maybe two lipcolors and then my boys take the bag, if any, away. In fact, the last palette I bought was the Bobbi Brown Brownie one in 2006.

Since I have been doing so well and I've been able to save more money than normal to put in my "for charity only" account, I opted to buy Stila's great fall set. The colors are very wearable and are perfect for everday wear. The colors are perfect neutrals without looking muddy and I know that this will be used right down to the bottom of the pan. The blush is lovely on me. For reference, I usually gravitate towards soft brownish pinks--think Cedar Rose from Lancome. My blush shade of late has been Everyday Minerals Weekend Getaway.

The Grapefruit Lip Glaze is also great, a sheer pop of subtle brightness. I see myself wearing it alone on weekends or when I am on my early morning walk and have to have a little bit of color on.

Since I have found my HG-caliber mascara in my new Tarte one, I am giving the mascara to a friend.

The palette itself is pretty to look at. It's faux chocolate brown suede with a "gem" attached--pretty as far as palettes go.

I also bought the Rock the Vote lipstick. It's $17 and a portion of the proceeds will go to Rock the Vote. This is billed as a lipstick even for the fairest of skintones. I am very cool complected and very fair. This is BRIGHT to the nth degree on me. I cannot wear it on its own, but I have tried mixing it with some coconut oil and placed it in a pot as a nice lip stain. It also works in moderation with another color.
Red and I just have a love-hate relationship. I can wear deep, rich blue red shades for clothing, but I have a hard time putting it on my lips. I haven't found a "perfect" shade of red since my old favorite, Midnight by Chanel. That wasn't an in your face red--it had lots of depth and a hint of wine to it--which is why it is my holy grail red (and why I still scrape from the bottom of the 7 year old tube when I need my perfect red). Angel Red from Clinique also works in a pinch on me. I wouldn't repurchase this lipstick because of the color alone. I'm glad part of it went to a good cause, and this is a nice, non-bleeding lipstick.

I am really, really happy about the fall palette. It's perfect for on the go women like me who want an updated version of the classics. I will truly use this at least 4 days a week. As far as the brand goes, I am not what I'd call a "Stila Girl". While I enjoy some of the products offered, I am more a Smashbox girl with a twist of Everyday Minerals, and a dash of classic Lancome on the lips mixed in with some drugstore finds to keep me grounded. I have a couple of their Lip Glaze lip products and have tried their tinted moisturizer. I also like Creme Bouquet EDP. The color collection has never managed to blow me away. That being said, when something catches my eye, I will happily try it. This is one of those times. I am going to get lots of wear out of this purchase and in terms of quality and wearability, I'll get my money's worth!