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ETSY LOVE: WaveCloud

The Purple Dusk Ring, $11.50

The Helena Bracelet, $12.50

There's a great little jewelry shop over on Etsy called WaveCloud.

She has a very nice selection of earrings, rings, bracelets and more at a very affordable price.

Check out the Helena bracelet, which is made of organic silver. It's earthy and simple and really quite pretty. 

How about the pretty Purple Dusk ring? Aubergine, eggplant and so many other purples are the perfect accent color for fall. Wearing something neutral to work? Add this purple ring to make your outfit special. It's only $11.50.

Looking for a little pick me up gift for yourself or perhaps a stocking stuffer to put away for your sister? Why not head over to WaveCloud and pick up a pretty piece of jewelry?

This shop owner is also a fellow blogger. Check out her blog as well.