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ETSY LOVE: Showcasing the Talents of Karen Kendz

The delightful Karen Kendz owns two fabulous Etsy shops: Lula Boutique and Flying Horse. She is a recently married Southern Belle and is one of the most delightful Etsy sellers I have ever dealt with.

I'd like to first talk about her shop Lula Boutique. She has a shop full of beautiful accessories. No wonder they're so highly acclaimned! I am pondering an earring order as we speak. She has many vintage style pieces and I am in love with the names she has chosen for them. How about Mint Julep? That was a popular beverage as I recall when we lived in Savannah ;-)

Karen's creations look beautiful, with exquisite attention to detail. She offers earrings, necklaces and rings. I know when you take a look you'll find as many things to put on your mental wish list as I have!

Karen is also a great graphic artist. I was strolling around Etsy the other day and saw a vintage-inspired floral banner that literally made me smile. I had to have it for my blog. Karen made me a lovely Blogger banner--her work sits at the top of this page and I plan to have it here for a very long time. She makes Etsy banners and avatars at her shop called Flying Horse. Check it out now!
By the way, I also recommend checking out Karen's blog!