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ETSY LOVE: Mocha Musk at Starring...! Fragrances

Starring...! Fragrances, as you know if you're a regular reader, is my favorite place to buy tarts. I have said before that hers are the strongest, cleanest burning 100% soy tarts on the planet. Bread Pudding, Golden Apple Harvest and her other bakery scents are heaven on earth--and her newest tarts are a whopping 2 ounces for a buck. No one has touched that price and had tarts of this caliber.

Ashley's storefront is where I get my tarts. She also offers organic perfumes, wonderful body and hair products and more. What you may not know is that Starring...! also has an Etsy shop! She offers some really delicious sounding Etsy exclusive scents and one immediately caught my eye for my Coffee Week on Etsy Love: MOCHA MUSK.

Mocha Musk is described as "a rich chocolate mocha, a hint of coconut, thick luscious musk!"

I don't know about you, but I love coconut and chocolate together. I also love coconut and coffee. When you add in the unexpected twist of musk to this, it has to be incredible. When my self-imposed (but for a great reason) no-buy is over, I have this on my list of "to try" perfumes.

Even though I haven't tried this particular Starring...! scent, I can assure you that her fragrances are top-notch. I tried two this summer (Rainbow Pixie Dust and Mystery Bakery Blend) and with the organic oil base, they are long-lasting, true to the scent descriptions, and a better alternative to those with an alcohol base.

She has two sizes of Eau de Parfum on Etsy--her 1 ounce sprays and the 0.33 ounce roll ons. Her roll ons, by the way, are also packaged beautifully with a little gem in the bottle.

Stop on over to Starring...! on Etsy for Mocha Musk. When you're done over there, head on over to her main website for the best tarts on the market. Ashley also offers a must-have for coffee aficionados on her main site--Coffee Butter Lotion Bars. If you have never tried coffee butter, it is the richest, truest REAL coffee aroma on the market and it will benefit the skin.

What are you waiting for? Go on over and start shopping! Tell her C & G scent you!