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ETSY LOVE: Make Sure You Eat Your Fruit!

I'm lucky because I love fruit--I am always munching on berries and probably have 6 servings a day everyday. Apples are another favorite of mine, particularly Granny Smith.

Now if you like fruit AND chocolate, even better. For a visual, I am sitting here with a sliver of homemade apple pie with a bit of hot fudge on it. Why not? It's chilly out and it's a Tuesday.

Of course I have to tell you now all about a wonderful shop on Etsy called  AdamsApples. This deliciously sinful looking shop is owned by two brothers. They have scrumptious-looking apples and even pears adorned with nuts, caramel, chocolate, and more. The chocolate is fine Belgian chocolate, while the other ingredients are all local.

When Tom and I got married, one of the favors we gave to our guests was Granny Smith apples dipped in caramel and rolled in pecans from the Savannah Candy Kitchen in Savannah. They were more popular than the rose soaps I made for the favor bags, that is for sure! When I see the apples on QVC, I sit and ogle over them...almost the way Cannon licks his chops when we're grilling steaks.

I am going to order some of these soon for sure... resisting these is going to prove impossible for me.

The delight I pictured first is actually a pear. Now, I love pears. I've had brandied pears, put pears with gorgonzola and prosciutto on my homemade pizza...but never had a pear done up like this. 

My Nick would love the one with candy corn. He adores apples, having eaten all 5 Granny Smiths that finally grew on our dwarf apple tree this season just in the past couple of days, plus he's been begging for candy corn already.

They have Cookies & Cream and the Grand Berry apple looks delicious as well. I doubt there's a "bad apple" in the bunch--they all look so wonderful!

Stop on over to  AdamsApples on Etsy today. Tell the brothers that Chic & Green sent you!