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ETSY LOVE: Fall Fragrances for the Home from AJ's

AJ's Country Cottage is a mother-daughter team on Etsy. This shop with a prim vibe offers a large variety of soy candles and soaps. One of my friends online told me about AJ's, so I had to check them out! 

It's getting cooler here in upstate NY. Yesterday I was in an apple mood, baking my favorite apple dessert--Apple Brown Betty--and burning apple tarts from my favorite tartmaker.

In the fall, I also lover to burn soy candles, especially when we have company like we did yesterday. I love the comforting and welcoming feel of a good jar candle.

AJ's offers some wonderful sounding home aromas. How about Cornucopia? Or Butter Rum Brulee? The Pumpkin Gingerbread is calling my name. So many wonderful harvest scents for this time of year. Prices are very fair: $7.95 for a 7 ounce mason jar. What great gifts these would be!

Why not bring a small basket with some of these as a hostess gift for Thanksgiving dinner? Ot just treat yourself. I know I just finished switching out my gardenias and lilacs in my dining room for some fall favorites. Why not head over to AJ's and give yourself the gift of a beautifully scented, warm and welcoming home?

There's just something about this time of year...coming in from the crisp and cool air and walking into the house with an inviting spice or pie scent and helping yourself to some cider. Speaking of cider, AJ's does offer a delicious-sounding cider and chestnuts scent!

Click the link and head on over to AJ's Country Cottage today! Stock up on some fall favorites or try a new scent, and tell her Chic & Green scent you!