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ETSY LOVE: Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soaps

My favorite bar from Nancy

Yum! Looks just like pumpkin pie filling!

Such a pretty bar! Great for your powder room this holiday season!

I cannot believe it. Since I first started ordering from Nan Goodwin of Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soaps back in February, I have been raving about her. I mention her often and with good reason: her soaps are the best.

How is it possible that I have raved about this wonderful seller but haven't done an official ETSY LOVE feature on her? This is long overdue!

I love high-quality soaps. I pouted on here about using my very last bar of my own Miss Honey Buns soap after I sold my wooden molds and supplies to a fellow soaper once my hubby took over my soapmaking room for his home office. I first ordered from Nan when I noticed my stockpile was becoming depleted. I hadn't heard of her from any of my friends, but when I found out her soaps meet my FIRST requirement of being FREE OF PALM OIL, I decided to try her. Since then, I haven't looked back.

Nancy's soaps are very nourishing because she uses a high amount of olive oil. You will get a luxurious bar of soap, a creamy lather, and wonderful scent no matter which bar you choose.

I broke my soap "no buy" yesterday. I've been using summer scents and as much as I love them, the rainy and chilly fall mornings here in upstate NY deserve a fall scent! Plus my last full and unused bar, Nan's beautiful Green Lilac soap, is still being used as a decorative accent in my downstairs powder room. It is too pretty to use right now :)

Nan offers some 3, 4, and 5 bar sets to save you a bit of money. I ordered 5 bars for $25 and shipping is free on that set. Not bad for the best soaps on Earth. I ordered 2 bars of Pumpkin Spice, and 1 bar each of Apple Spice, Beer and Gingersnap. All will be new to me except for the decadent-smelling Gingersnap, as she once scent me a slice of it in an order. It smells heavenly for fall!

If you're looking for some recommendations, my favorite bar is her Peppermint Fudge bar which is shown above. It is a perfect balance of cocoa and peppermint and smells incredible.

I also really like her Berry Mint. It might be tied for first place on my long list of favorites from Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soaps. Never fear--all soaps from Aunt Nancy have truly been wonderful.

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