Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit


Silja is a lovely young woman from Estonia. Friendly and talented, she offers original artwork, jewelry, felted pieces and more in her Etsy shop.

What really "caught my eye" was her painting of eyes! She has some willing volunteers send photographs of their eyes for her to paint. She has several original pieces from which to choose and you can see how much detail went into each one. I think I may even ask her to do mine one of these days!

You know me--I love beautiful handmade earrings--it wouldn't be like me not to share some pretty jewels with you. I happened upon a lovely pair of jasper and blue porcelain earrings in this fun shop as well. They are pictured above.

Silja is a dear to talk to and I am sure you'll be happy shopping with her. She also has a blog for you to check out. Head on over to 5erg and tell her C&G sent you!