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Cindy McCain: Chic & Very, Very Green

This chic  and timeless Adriana Papell dress comes in many colors and would've worked well on McCain. She could buy TWO THOUSAND of them for the price of the saffron ensemble  2 below...

Emerald would've been a better choice of green

This could be yours for around $300K
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Last week I featured Michelle Obama's DNC style and went so far as to call her a fashion icon.

In the interest of fairness, I cannot leave out the Republican National Convention fashion. I'm not going to touch on Sarah Palin's style tonight. Since Michelle Obama is a potential First Lady (and she will be if all goes well in November), I'll be fair and discuss Cindy McCain's RNC fashion.

Is McCain stylish? Yes. She is very chic. Her ever-changing style is very tasteful. If I am worth $100 million when I am her age, perhaps I will splurge accordingly on style. Perhaps. Highly doubtful, though, since I love to pair new pieces with vintage thrift store pieces to mix it up. Being chic isn't about spending six figures on one night's attire. Look at Michelle Obama--she looked fantastic on The View wearing an off the rack lovely dress that was just over $90.

McCain's style gurus are aiding her in her choices, though. You've probably noticed that someone advised her to do something rarely seen on camera: to wear her hair down. This was done because her hair is so severely pulled back that she often comes off as a very shrewd, cold person. I do not know Cindy McCain, and she could very well have a warm and welcoming personality, but as an observer, she looks very aloof.

When she wore her hair down for a couple nights to the RNC, she looked much more approachable. She looked familiar to me as well--almost like an older version of The Food Network's Sandra Lee.

While Cindy McCain certainly is tasteful and chic, she was very green Wednesday night, and I don't mean green as in earth loving. Whoever chose her dress completely ignored McCain's skin coloring because that was one of the poorest choices of green for her. An emerald would have been stunning...a kelly green...but not a green reminiscent of a darker 70s avocado appliance green. This would be called Putrid Green.

The saffron shade didn't suit her much better. This outfit was also as in $$$. Her ensemble was estimated by Vogue to cost around $300,000. Now when you are worth $100 million, an outfit of this price probably doesn't seem like much at all. What bothers me is that $300,000 is excessive to spend on an outift when you're husband is out trying to be such a Maverick. Imagine if she had come out with a dress from Nordstrom or Lord & Taylor and said, "I am wearing a dress that cost me $150 and the rest of the money I donated to a public school to provide milk and cereal to starving kids whose parents cannot afford to feed them breakfast." 

$300,000 could pay for someone's college lots of books for a library...just a thought.

I'll get off my soap box here. Even though I thought the saffron and green outfits were horrible for her coloring, her turquoise suit was a beautiful shade of blue for McCain. With her hair down, she looked like a much more approachable person. 

What do I think would suit Mrs. McCain? She would look lovely in a deep ruby red, emerald green, cobalt blue...I am hoping to see her in rich and true jewel tones....but only from now until Obama is elected in November, of course.