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Your Product Bottles: Plastic or Glass?

In late September to early October, along with cool company news to be released in another few weeks, will be when I come out with new packaging, labels with my soon to be decided upon logo, etc.

I love my cobalt bottles. I like the well as the amber I sometimes use as well. I have long been pondering changing over to glass bottles. I would obviously not do this for in-shower items, but it makes sense in terms of the environmental impact with my facial care items.

I would choose cobalt once again (or perhaps will depend on my new logo) in the glass. Essentially the bottles you see now on Etsy in my shop would look the same but be in glass.

It would cost me almost twice as much to buy glass bottles. I would not order as many at a time as I do now in the plastic. I am careful about the plastics I choose. My local customers often return their containers for refills, and this works well locally. Doing so over the net wouldn't be nearly as easy. I do what I can choosing ingredients for my products, and I recycle like crazy at home...I just think I could do more in terms of the bottles I choose.

Would you be turned off by the glass if it didn't trigger a major price increase? Would you continue to order your facial care products if they came in a glass jar or bottle (my serum has always been in a dark glass jar to protect it from light)?

I would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment or shoot me off an email: