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Wanted: The Perfect Logo

I know I have some graphic designers who regularly read this blog, both professional and those who do it for fun.

I am looking for the "perfect" logo to represent not just my products, but to accurately reflect ME.

I have been through a few logos in the past couple of years...3 with my skin care line. The one now is the one I am most happy with, but I am in need of something that encompasses the line and my personal tastes. I wish I could just tell someone what I love in terms of decorating, what makes me happy, etc., and have that translated to the perfect logo to last for years to come.

I am going to be buying a laser printer and have a major overhaul in the fall to coincide with an upcoming exciting business announcement (my close friends and family know what is coming in a few weeks).

The balance in doing this is my personal displeasure in spending big bucks on packaging and fancy-schmancy labels because this, combined with the increasing cost of ingredients, would result in a substantial price increase. I have long been a believer that pretty labels/upscale packaging doesn't equate to superior products. For example, you've all heard me rave about Cleanse Your Soul's Creamy Oil. This is a superior product with very basic packaging. I'll take the great product any day. Conversely, I have tried many a high end product with hoity-toity packaging and horrible ingredients.

So to accommodate my desire for new labels that match my company and ME as a person with likes and dislikes, I am going to bite the bullet and try to do it myself on a good printer with someone to design my logo who listens to me and "gets" what I want. Doing it this way is going to allow me to keep my prices stable. In fact, I have no plans to increase prices in 2008. In January, I will need to raise them ever so slightly to accommodate the rising costs of nearly everything...but it will only be nominal, around 10%.

Here is what I love--I love all things shabby chic. I love mixing florals. I love yellow roses. I love purple violets and purple & yellow pansies...cottage chic...I like primitives, but only as small accents to my shabby chic adoration. I am not a fan of modern. Love to wear black and white...on my logo, not so much.

I like vintage scenes...

Let's see....I love pretty bone china with cabbage roses. I like black and white enamelware with unexpected colorful accents placed in these pieces. I want my logo to be feminine, very classic and last for years to come. If you think you might be there one to do this for me after getting to know some of my personal tastes, let me know!

I will be using this logo on product labels, stationery, possibly on recycled paper bags and tissue paper. I will also use it on business cards, ingredients listings and brochures. If you make banners, this will go on my banner for my store and for a regular site (if I decide to do ETSY and a again together...I don't think I'll ever leave Etsy).

If you know someone who would be interested in this small job, please send them my way.

This evening I am going to post some pictures of my favorite things and see if you can envision my perfect logo based on things I love :)