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ETSY LOVE: The Wave Break

I am a chocoholic. I admit it. I like everything about chocolate from the scent to the texture. Of course, I enjoy the taste of chocolate immensely. Brownies have been my go to "comfort" dessert since I was a small child.

I told you about my friend Beth the other day. She is always tormenting me with links to decadent treats on Etsy. She was at it again and sent me a link to one of the brownies to drool over. As soon as I saw the scrumptious looking brownies at The Wave Break, I knew I had to feature them on Etsy Love.

The Wave Break is based in Idaho and is owned by two brothers. They choose only the finest of ingredients for their rich brownies, such as Callebaut Chocolate, Mexican Blue Cattle Truck Vanilla, Pendleton Flour, and real butter and eggs. While they certainly are not low fat/low cal/low carb, etc., they look like a perfect dessert splurge when you want to treat yourself!

They have so many delicious flavors from which to choose! The ones that caught my eye the most are the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Cappuccino, and German Chocolate brownies. They look heavenly. Brownies at The Wave Break are $11 for 4 large squares.

Check out The Wave Break today! The Wave Break also has a website. If you order before I do, email me and let me know how delicious they are!