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ETSY LOVE: Obama-mania!

I make no apologizes for my political views. I am a Democrat, but vote with my heart and mind after researching candidates and the issues for which they stand. I am not a strict "party line" voter. I have strayed before, especially in some local elections.

I truly believe this is the single most important presidential election we are going to face this November. I have long been a Hillary supporter. I think Hillary Clinton would have been an outstanding president. Alas, it was not to be at this time.

That being said, I am supporting Barack Obama 100% without a doubt. My brother in law, Zach, is in the Army. He served in Iraq for a year and returned in the fall of 2006. Just after Thanksgiving 2007, Zach was redeployed, this time for 15 heart is on my sleeve when it comes to this, and my views and passions run deep on the subject. I am going to leave it at that since this is a shopping post :)

So, for all of you Obama supporters, have I got some swell items for you today!

All of the following items are on Etsy, of course!

Let's first start with some perfect outerwear for your left-winged pooch. At the Etsy shop, Warmwags, you can buy this adorable dog vest! I am sure it would make your poodle pretty as a peach or dashing on your dalmation. I know it will look adorable on any dog...although I am trying to envision convincing Cannon, my 85 pound German Shepherd, that he needs to wear a vest. He draws the line at bandanas. So if you're a dog owner and an Obama supporter, why don't you head on over to this upstate New York-based shop?

I spy something over at the Etsy shop that I just might have to buy for Nick (already a staunch Obama supporter and vocal in his views). It's an adorable baseball style tee with a handpainted Obama train. How cool is this? It is from Jen and Lucca, a LA-based Etsy shop. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Obama campaign. Another cool tidbit about this shop is that they have some really awesome handbags. One of their bags (check in the shop) was even spotted on actress Keri Russell. Now that is great!

I found an awesome tee for me! It is a cool black tee shirt for moms who support Obama. It is made with 100% organic cotton, which I like. The Etsy shop nina and tom is offering this top for $20. If you love black and white and pair fitted tees with everything, this is a must have for any Obama mama! More importantly, I am recommending this shop because they are committed to being eco-conscious and choose their supplies to go along with this. They are are green-friendly shop for sure!

How about a button? I think I'll pick up the one shown above today. It is from and is vintage cool but with a message. I like it! More buttons like this can be found at Remember Me Emily for only $2 each. She has some really neat buttons and if you love vintage like me, this is the shop for you! Check out her store today. In addition to her Obama buttons, she offers some really beautiful handmade greeting cards that you'll have to take a look at. Emily is helping out her local campaign headquarters as well by donating hundreds of her cool buttons.

Dry lips? I know you're out there...a lip balm collector and an Obama supporter! How about a tube of "Obalma"? Red, White and Blueberry is the flavor of the day and what a way to show your support. Everytime you take this tube out to apply it, your message will get across. This can be found at K & F Shops on Etsy. This all-natural lip balm is $3. The seller will donate 50 cents of each balm sale to the Obama campaign.

I also like the message on Outside of the Box's "Fauxbama Supporter" shirt. I totally agree. GET OUT THERE AND VOTE! If you're of voting age and you don't vote, you can't complain. It's awesome to be supportive of a candidate, but you need to vote for your candidate, no matter who you support. Pat and his wife Sarah of this Etsy shop also shared a picture with me from CNN. The shop owners and Obama supporters were pictured at a rally standing behind the Future First Lady. Apparently, Mrs. Obama even has one of their shirts now!

I'll stay on the lookout for more cool Obama gear on Etsy. I know there are many others...I just wanted to share some of my favorites today!