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ETSY LOVE: A New Twist in Peridot and Other Pretty Jewels

I have an August birthday (Monday, yay!) and Peridot is my birthstone. When I was little, my friends were receiving pretty, dainty little ruby or amethyst necklaces and I was jealous. I hated the green. Emerald was fine, but I was never fond of peridot.

Over the past several years, I have embraced the color of my birthstone. It makes a great accent when I wear turquoise, navy or black. It goes fairly well with my skin tone..more so in the summer when I use self tanner. In the winter, peridot makes my skin look slightly jaundiced.

I was browsing peridot jewelry on Etsy yesterday and came across a very lovely pendant from A.N. Original Jewelry . It features two other stones: amethyst and prehnite. The effect is stunning. I could see myself wearing this one much more frequently than any other peridot piece I own. I also like that the piece is silver as opposed to yellow gold, because my skin is so cool that I never, ever wear yellow gold. I really am liking this!

The woman behind the business is Ashley, a talented jewelry designer (she has a degree in jewelry design from Fashion Institute of Technology). The passion for her field is evident in her work. She has some very unique pieces in her shop ranging from sterling silver and brass to gold.

You're bound to find a piece you like in her shop. I am really liking the other pictured piece--the chunkykelly green chalk turquoise necklace! I would wear this with my black 3/4 sleeve boatneck top and I'd wear it often.

Ashley also has a SALE going on right now. Check out A.N. Original today!