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ETSY LOVE: For Your Chic & Green Pooch

While searching for something Amy Butler for Cannon (yes, my 85 pound German Shepherd should look handsome, LOL), I came across a wonderful shop on Etsy devoted to making your pooch look smashing.

Mimi Green features handmade collars and leashes for dogs of all sizes. Cannon has a BIG neck. I'm sure it's bigger than my husband's by about 4 or 5 inches. My pooch has a kelly green and white polka dotted collar from Target, but I am thinking that I might buy him a spiffy new collar handmade out of some great Amy Butler fabric from Mimi Green next week to celebrate. You see, on August 18th, we will have had Master Cannon for one year! That's when we adopted him from Lollypop Farm, our local Humane Society.

Mimi Green also has a dot com site, and it looks as though she has a coupon code listed on the front page. Check it out.

If you're tired of the typical nylon or clunky leather collars on the market, check Mimi Green out today!