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ETSY LOVE: Cupcake Bath Bombs

I am a cupcake lover...nothing beats a plain old yellow cake cupcake with rich and fudgy chocolate frosting. I like simplicity when I eat my cupcakes. Add some colorful sprinkles and I am happy.

Tonight while I was looking for something for Thursday's Etsy Love item, I typed in "cupcake" in the search bar and came across some gorgeous cupcake bath bombs from the Etsy shop called Hey Lady Cards & Feeling Smitten. They all look edible and they're very colorful.

Sold for $6 each, the bombs can be broken in half for 2 baths, according to the item description.

Know a cupcake lover? These would make a great gift--I picture several on a cupcake stand or in a basket. They look like the ultimate in calorie-free cupcake goodness.