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ETSY LOVE: Because We Are

Because We Are is an Etsy shop owned by Beth Rienstra of Michigan. Beth has a passion for sewing and makes wonderful items such as personalized tote bags, tooth fairy pillows, and more.

Beth actually made some wonderful green and pink bags for me when I had a Mother's Day gift set on my old dot com site before I returned to Etsy in May, and the quality and attention to detail was superb. When she returned to Etsy this summer, I knew I had to have some more of her things.

My son Nicholas is nearly 5. While he hasn't lost any baby teeth yet, I know that the day will arrive in the not so distant future. He loves anything and everything with a dinosaur theme and has since the age of 2, so when I saw the dinosaur tooth pillow, I knew I had to buy it. It was $8.

I also purchased something from Because We Are for Benjamin, who recently turned 3. Now Benjamin has this big fleece Winnie the Pooh blanket that he takes everywhere. Everywhere. If (and when, as it happens often) Ben spills something on his blankie or for weekly washing of his bed linens, he has a meltdown for the couple of hours that "Blankie" is gone. I don't know about you, but I'm not crazy about toting a fleece Pooh blanket around in my handbag. It doesn't fit.

Beth has something in her great little shop called Taggies. Taggies are soft and cuddly squares that are like a small blankie with tags. The tags all around are great because Ben is very sensory-oriented and he loves to touch things. He is sitting on the porch snuggling the Taggie and putting his fingers through the days as I write this. This Taggie will fit in Mommy's handbag AND be a comfort for Ben. The damage? Only $4.

If you're looking for a gift or just a little something for a special child in your life, stop by Because We Are today!

By the way, Beth enclosed a thank you note with her beautiful photography on the cover. I think she has another talent she should be sharing with Etsy and start offering some of her photography as well.