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ETSY LOVE: Annie's Attic

Regular readers of my blog know that I have a weakness for handmade handbags made of Amy Butler fabrics. I love Amy Butler prints on my bags. I also love Shabby Chic, having accents of this style throughout my home and my life in general (stationery, mousepad, etc.). I also love to be in the kitchen cooking and baking.

I have found a great shop on Etsy that satisfies the three things I've listed above: Annie's Attic.

Lee Ann is the woman behind this great Etsy shop. She offers beautifully made handmade aprons. Her fabrics range from great Amy Butler prints to vintage roses. I found two gorgeous aprons in her shop. I am in love. My favorite is a half apron and is so lovely and feminine. It has beautiful roses all over it. The second one catching my eye is an Amy Butler full apron. I have this pattern in a handmade bag. I love the brown in it.

My mom gave me a red apron a few years ago. I use it every time I bake. I spill flour all over it each and every time I bake. I also have two of my late Aunt Marg's aprons. One is from the 1950s and is a gold and brown floral and is a full apron. The other is a half apron from the 1960s with a brown floral motif and a towel attached to it (how handy). I do not use these. Aunt Marg died in the late 1990s at the age of 87 and I just don't want anything to happen to the aprons.

Lea Ann's aprons are works of art. If you love to be in the kitchen as much as I do, I think you should treat yourself to a beautiful apron. You deserve it. It'll make you smile when you wear it. Not everyone loves to cook (or bake), but I am certain we all have someone in our lives who finds great pleasure preparing new recipes for friends and family. One of these aprons would be a great gift for that special someone. Buy one now and put it away for a birthday gift (hint, hint to my hubby who might know someone with a birthday TODAY who might like this :) I am just kidding. He and the boys already gave me their gifts...This would be great to put away for Christmas, or just as a special gift for yourself.

Check our Annie's Attic on Etsy today!

Lee Ann also has an Etsy shop devoted to handmade baby bibs. They are so pretty! If you're needing a gift for a baby shower, what a lovely idea one of these bibs would be!