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DIY Wednesday: Making Fragrances 3 Ways

The Oils We're Using: Day Star "The Original Vanilla Bean" and "Hey, Sugar!" as well as Wholesale Supplies Plus Amazing Grace type

EDP Supplies: Perfumer's Alcohol, Bottle and Fragrance Oil

Sweet Almond Oil and Fragrance Oil for the Roll On

Now we have 3 new fragrances!


Making your own fragrances is one of the easiest things you can make once you have the right supplies.

With the wonderful companies out there providing the public with fragrance oils ranging from apple to marijuana (if that's what you'd like to smell like), the options are endless. Almost every fragrance oil supplier also makes "Designer Duplications". These are, in many cases, knock offs of designer and high end fragrances. Some smell identical. Some do not. You really have to buy the smallest bottle first, sample it, and then decide where to order from.

Many people ask "Why not just buy the real thing?"

This is a valid question. I know I prefer to buy fragrance oils to make designer duplications at home because I can then make matching hair care items, lotions, etc. with that oil and not have it full of parabens and other nasties. I also like the price--you can make several items from one small bottle of fragrance oil. Making perfume is also fun!

Here are my most favorite fragrance oil suppliers for body-safe scents (in no special order):

Day-Star Candle & Soap Supply
The Scent Works
Just Scent
Wholesale Supplies Plus
Sweet Cakes
Flickers Fragrances

Today we're going to make 3 types of fragrances: Eau de Parfum, Perfume Oil Roll On, and a Dry Oil Spray. I have chosen 3 fragrance favorites for this project: a duplication of the discontinued Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean (not to be confused with the popular Vanilla Bean Noel), a duplication of the Bath and Body Works Hello, Sugar! fragrance, and a duplication of Philosophy Amazing Grace.


Let's start with VANILLA BEAN EAU DE PARFUM. There are many places on the internet from which to buy supplies. I get my perfume bottles at The Scent Works. I just like the classic square shaped bottle with silver cap. My fragrance oil for this is from Day-Star Candle & Soap Supply. They recently came out with a duplicate oil of my favorite vanilla scent that Bath and Body Works discontinued several years ago. Day-Star calls this one "The Original Vanilla."
I am so picky with my "dupe" oils and this one smells identical to the original once it has cured for a few days.

You'll need to choose your perfume base. I like Artisan's Alcohol from Snowdrift Farm. It is free of isopropyl alcohol. It is, in my view, the best alcohol to use for making perfume. That being said, I am all out of Artisan's Alcohol, so I am using Perfumer's Alcohol, which I am also nearly out of. Perfumer's Alcohol seems to be the most popular.

If you have pipettes handy, please use them. They will aid in adding your oils to any bottle with a narrow opening. If you don't, it is OK right now.

I am making a 1 ounce glass bottle of perfume. To do this, follow a simple ratio. I usually add 50% fragrance oil. 40% is fine for much stronger oils, but not most vanillas. Anymore than 50% is generally too harsh on the skin. With this vanilla, you need the full 50%, so my oil to alcohol ratio is 50/50.

Add your two ingredients to the glass bottle. Tightly close your cap and put the overcap on. You can shake this to blend, but I prefer to gently rock it back and forth like I do my nail polishes. Gently rock the bottle back and forth to blend a bit.

You have now made Eau de Parfum. Just remember to mark which scent you have put in, because once you make your first perfume, you will undoubtedly be making many more!

I find that Eau de Parfum can take at least a few days to "cure". Let the oil blend with the perfumer's alcohol and the scent will reach its full potential. I actually make my perfumes and put them in a dark, dry cabinet for 2 weeks and "forget" about them. When I take them out, they will smell much more delcious!


"Hey, Sugar!" is what Day-Star calls their version of Hello, Sugar! from Bath and Body Works. This is another fragrance oil from this supplier that smells just like the original.

I like perfume oils. Most times I wear oil blends made only with essential oils. Some days, though, I just want yummy bakery scents. I prefer perfume oils over their alcohol cousins because they're non-drying, they last along time on your skin, and they are the more natural alternative. I have about 30 roll on perfume oils that I have made just for me, let alone my other favorites from some of my etailer friends (I love Crater Lake Company's Touch Ups in the sweet almond oil base).

You can use any carrier oil in a perfume oil. I prefer jojoba oil or sweet almond oil. Jojoba oil has a very, very long shelf life. Either will work well and neither have a base smell of any kind like alcohol can. You can purchase these oils at your local natural foods store or in some large supermarkets. Online suppliers also carry these.

Today we're going to use a 0.33 ounce roll on glass bottle. You can buy some at Elements at a very affordable price. This is a fantastic bottle supplier as well.

Today we are using Sweet Almond Oil because that is what was the most handy. Add 50% sweet almond or other carrier oil to 50% fragrance oil. Push the roll on tip firmly and add the cap. Now you can roll/shake gently. Voila! Now you have your own Perfume Oil.

Dry Oil Spray

Dry oil sprays are fun because they add a silky sheen to the skin and you will glisten, plus you'll geta fairly long-lasting fragrance. I am making an Amazing Grace type fragrance in this one today. I have tried Amazing Grace type fragrance oils from many suppliers and the two that smell the closest and do not turn on my skin are from Wholesale Supplies Plus and The Scent Works.

For this you'll need cyclomethicone, which is a dry oil (a silicone). You can find many on the internet. Two reputable suppliers are Wholesale Supplies Plus and Jody's Soaps and Crafts.

There are several ways to make a dry oil spray. You can simply use cyclomethicone and fragrance oil if you'd like. Why not? I like using grapeseed oil in mine. Grapeseed adds moisture and will nourish a bit more, but is still non-greasy.

I am using a 2 ounce PET plastic bottle for this. I use a ratio of 50% cyclomethicone, 25% grapeseed oil and 25% fragrance oil. I am using the Amazing Grace Type fragrance oil from Wholesale Supplies Plus today.

First add the cyclomethicone.

Now add your grapeseed oil.

Add the fragrance.


Now you've made your own Dry Oil Spray which is a nice all over body spray!

Now That You're Done

You now have your own perfume creations! You can get fancy and label them with pretty labels that you make or print out. You can decorate them, tie them with ribbon and give them as gifts. I just mark the scent on mine with scent labels because I remember what I have made for myself.

If you like blends, start experimenting. How about one of my favorite Vanilla Bean Noel blends which I call RICE FLOWER & SHEA NOEL? It is 40% Wholesale Supplies Plus Vanilla Bean Noel Type, 40% Scent-Works Rice Flower & Shea BBW type, and 20% Day Star Matin Calin Sugar Milk type.

The possibilities are endless!

A Look Ahead

In the coming weeks, we'll make a foaming sugar scrub, a salt glow body rub, and tinted lip glosses.