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Coffee Week on Etsy Love Sneak Peek

I normally do a daily Etsy Love feature and had planned to do an Etsy Love on great coffee-themed items sold on Etsy for tomorrow's post.

Turns out there are so many fantastic coffee-themed products from soaps to actual coffee that I am going to devote all 5 days of Etsy Love beginning Monday to a shop per day with coffee-related items.

There are just so many great products to browse that I would like to devote a full post to each of my favorites.

A Look Ahead:

*An exquisite coffee company from Delaware
*Coffee Body Scrubs
*Coffee Soap

Horrible as it may be, I drink one pot of coffee per day. Coffee is my weakness. It is not so much the caffeine--I actually drink decaf a bulk of the time--it is the TASTE. In addition to the coffee I make at home, I have a daily coffee run to Tim Horton's for a medium Iced French Vanilla Coffee with Cream...right around noon. So you could say I love coffee and have been having lots of fun seeking out coffee themed items over on Etsy!