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The Beach Boys

Nick digging in the sand

Ben showing off his new feather

The boys playing well together

One thing I love about living where we do is that we are just a few short minutes from the lake. This is not so great in the winter when we have months of the dreaded "Lake Effect Snow" from the Lake Ontario shoreline, but it is nice this time of year.

We took the boys to the beach yesterday and they rode the old carousel. Tom and I just watched them playing in the sand, getting so much delight from every "treasure" they unearthed (or should this say

Nick enjoyed burying my feet in the sand. Ben uncovered a white seagull feather. Tom and I just watched for the longest time as they played.

Just watching them experience life and find delight in such small things is what makes being a parent so much fun. These boys own our hearts. This is what life is all about.