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ETSY LOVE: $5 Antique Drawer Pulls

A couple of weeks ago I purchased some shabby fabric to re-cushion my rocking chair with at a brand new Etsy shop, Shaving Kits. I was so blown away by the speedy delivery and outstanding customer service that I went right back to browse some more.

I am going to change the look of an antique mahogany bedside table I have, and planned to put a reproduction glass drawer pull on like I did in my kitchen early in the spring. I recently decided to go with something different and I found these gorgeous iron pulls in her shop. I only needed one (she sells them individually) and got it for $5.

I love it! It is such a pretty drawer pull and looks great. Once I decide what to do with that piece of furniture, I know it'll look even better with this drawer pull. She has others available, like a butterfly-shaped one. I even spied some Halloween items last I looked.