Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

Update on my end of month goal from June...

In my June 30th post, I said that my plan for July was to buy no more etail bath and body until I ran out of things...the money saved this way would go into savings and into my fund to donate to The Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research the next time this year that I send them a check.

How am I doing thus far?

I am proud to say that my bath and body etail shopping sprees have
been MUCH BETTER in July than the previous months of 2008.

Let's look at June. In June I ordered from Cleanse Your Soul, Bathed & Infused, Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soaps, Starring Fragrances...!, Crazy Time Candle & Soap for the salt bar, and my two Etsy bath and body duds...this time last month I had already spent much, much more than this month.

I have been *pretty* good in June...I did make 3 unplanned etailer orders, though. The 3 orders totalled $39.24 (including S/H) using my shopping points at Crater Lake Company and with a closing sale at Smells So Sweet. Her roll ons were $2.70 each!!! Plus, Starring...! had some roll ons for $4 on the clearance as well.

I guess I can justify buying perfume. I wear it daily. I hardly ever purchase high-end perfume anymore at retail boutiques. I adore roll on EDPs and have many....however I need my own bottles for my Eye Serum and Scrumptious EDP, the only perfume I sell.

I am not allowing myself to did into my work supplies for perfume. Besides, my accounting guy/organization guru/man with the REALISTIC plan/"you need a chart and spreadsheet" husband says I throw things off when I do that since I am using work-related Artisan's Alcohol and bottles this way...apparently it is not OK to use my work ingredients/bottles, etc. especially when I forget to account for these things and then my inventory on the b-o-r-i-n-g spreadsheets gets messed up.

Even though I did break my goal and shop online, I am very proud of
myself this month! I know July isn't over yet, but I have done very
well and am happily using up what I have right now. I know I have
saved at least $100 this month by doing this. In August I will save
even more, because I am telling you, my readers, that I AM NOT GOING TO PLACE ANY ORDERS FOR TARTS OR PERFUME OR ANYTHING ELSE BATH AND BODY (other than soap when I need more) UNTIL FALL SCENTS COME OUT! YOU CAN HOLD ME TO THAT! I actually do not even have any lemmings going on either!

Details of my perfume orders:


Mystery Bakery Blend
Rainbow Pixie Dust


Pumpkin Cheesecake
Chocolvers (Aquolina type)
Coeur de Vahine
Zen Tea
Vaniglia del Madagascar


Coconut Bavarois
Pan de Azucar
Creamy Pear Sorbetto


Compared to months past, I have done extremely well in July. I spent
$7.56 at Crabtree & Evelyn a couple weeks ago. I bought three items!
Can you believe it?

I bought a gentle Citrus hand sanitizer for$1 to tote in my handbag and 2 body mists from their Naturals line: White Tea & Birch and Olive, Almond & Myrtle (which smells like heaven
in a spray bottle and could easily be my new favorite fragrance of all
time). They were $3 each for a 3.4 fl. oz. bottle at their big sale!


The last beauty-related expense was from a great eBay seller. She
has a great reputation selling new Smashbox items. I bought a full
sized Cream Eye Liner duo in Caviar and Lava, an Audition compact with
eye colors and Taupe Brow Tech wax and powder, a Trio of boxed mini lip glosses and a
full-sized lip pencil/lipstick in one in a great plum shade all for
$30.90 shipped. That is the cost of one Smashbox tinted moisturizer at

I was needing some evening eye Speed colored lip product
was gone, and I have always wanted to try Brow Tech and compare it to
my beloved Bare Esentuals Brow Powder.


My goal was to not spend anything on bath & body this summer from
etailers and save the $.

Yes, I bought the roll on I did break that goal. Looking back, I didn't need to buy any more perfume. If I did not use perfume every single day of my life since my teenage years, I would say it was a waste...but since it is something I use every single day, I am not going to put myself in timeout. I managed to cut out the anticipated etail scrub and the Creamy Oil spending, though! If you know how fast I go through sugar scrub, you'd know that is a big step! I am 100% out of scrubs and have been back to making my own salt-olive oil-rosemary oil-honey scrub at night before my bedtime bath! That is a big savings and I just refill my own jar every few days.


TOTAL SPENT THROUGH TODAY: $77.70 (including all tax/shipping fees).

I plan to spend no more on myself in bath-body-home fragrance-makeup RETAIL or ETAIL through August!


Hair Care

I do not buy any shampoo or conditioner. I use my own and if I need a rich hair treatment, I use pure coconut oil. That is money saved AND bottles reused here at home and that not only saves me $$$, but also helps the planet! Since my taste in hair care is more expensive than a bottle of $2 shampoo (Wen, Abba and Bumble & Bumble), this is good! My hair also behaves so well without sulfates and silicones that I spend $7 every 3 to 4 months on Tres Semme Ultra Mist hair spray and a styling aid from V05! That is cheap!

I also save $$$ each month on hair. ONCE A YEAR, I splurge on a very pricy haircut and lowlights/highlights, generally in July. For instance, last year I went for lowlights, a few front highights and the Victoria Beckham cut (see July 2007 for that post). The rest of the year I maintain it on my own, doing my own color, trims, etc. I even was bold and gave myself some fun bangs in June to go with my bob...and for the first time in ages, I am NOT planning my big $$$$ salon trip! I did my lowlights this week, painting in pieces to go with the foil highlights I did earlier this summer. The result? My color looks good still and I spent $20 on supplies. THAT is a huge savings!


I am lucky to have been so pampered and spoiled when I worked in cosmetics. I literally have a huge rolling trunk which once held HUNDREDS of high-end products. Some I swapped away or sold. Most was donated to women's shelters and some was also donated to a program for women with cancer. I still have some things...but in reality what I use each day fills a tiny makeup bag:

Tinted Moisturizer (Smashbox)

Concealer (Sorme)

Powder (BE Mineral Veil which is NOW paraben-free so I had to go back to it since my cool new Physician's Formula powder had the tops broken off twice now and I just am giving up)

Brow Powder (BE)

Lip Gloss (I rotate 3; Smashbox usually)

Laura Geller Bronze & Brighten (used on eyes, swept over cheeks too)

Mascara (Maybelline Full and Soft now until I find a good paraben-free that I love and DOESN'T contain palm oil-based ingredients like the new L'Oreal one)

I generally average less than $10 per month on makeup because I simply
do not need makeup. I have my go to items, so my average is low on
money spent each month. I buy mascara every 3 months and then I have
two larger makeup purchases twice a year. My tinted moisturizer is
purchased about every 6 months or so. I buy my BE Brow Powder every 11-13 months. It lasts July was out of the ordinary at $30.90. Tom and I are going away in August to a bed and breakfast for a romantic weekend, so I needed some new "evening" makeup for the nights out.


All in all, I am really fine with what I have spent on bath and body/makeup this month. I will obviously be stocked up on perfumes...I have all those June tarts from Starring...! as well. I am set with hair care...have some soap left...I am confident August will result in ZERO spending on ALL etail bath and body!

Since I put into perspective how much money I truly save on makeup and hair care, my July has been no big deal!

So that is my update this month thus far...

I am enjoying my 2 Starring...! organic roll ons. I will do full reviews on the others when they arrive.

I cannot wait to tell you about some great handmade jewelry finds over on Etsy in my next post! Stay tuned!