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Online Reiki Class Beginning in This Fall

As many of you know, I am a Reiki Master/Teacher specializing in Usui Reiki. I also am able to teach Kundalini Reiki, Color Therapy and Chakra Balancing. I do not have an office an I not not charge people to come for treaments. If I did, I would have no time for my skin care business. I think if I did Reiki on a regular appointment basis that I would quickly become bored.

I love Reiki, practice it regularly, and believe in all of its teachings.

If you have checked into Reiki, you know how costly the classes can be. Traditionalists believe that the set $10,000 fee to become a Reiki Master should be set in stone. More progressive practioners believe that you should share your knowledge freely with others. When I reached Master/Teacher level, I joined an organization committed to offering free or low cost reiki to those who would benefit from Reiki, but maybe not be able to afford it. I believe anyone who is sincerely interested in Reiki should be entitled to learn about it, and to practice it.

If you've had a Reiki treatment, you know that a single treatment is around $100 or so.

The Reiki Master/Teacher I took my courses with back in 2005 charged a moderate fee, but was full of knowledge and experience. In 2006, after completing Reiki I, Reiki II, and level III, Reiki Master/Teacher level, I earned my Reiki certification and the ability to conduct classes.

I am planning to offer an Introduction to Reiki (Level I) online course beginning at the end of September. The class will be free of charge and limited to 10 students who have a genuine interest in learning about Reiki and discussing it. I will provide the reading and course materials via email and also plan interactive discussions.

If you have an interest, send me an email to

If Level I is a success, I will continue with a Level II class, and possibly Level III.

In the coming months, I also plan to have a very detailed and inclusive course on Aromatherapy.

Drop me a line to find out more.