Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

COMING SOON from Avon: mark. Earth EDT!

Technically, I am a mark. rep (an Avon company). I used to sell a long time ago before I opened my own business. I stopped selling to others once I opened my own business, but I do remain active so that I can get the great 40% discount...the products are already very affordable, and with the discount you just can't beat the prices for some things. Many items still cotain parabens, but I do like their hair styling items and perfumes, for the most part. Bohista, Instant Vacation, Instant Vacation Greek Isles, and Pure are all in regular rotation on my vanity. I am my best (and only) customer...I don't sell mark. to others because it wouldn't be right to sell products containing so many ingredients I am against...luckily the hair products I enjoy are A-OK!

Anyway, today I received several sample cards in the mail from mark. of a new scent to be released in the fall. It looks like it will debut in Magalog 10.

The scent is called mark. Earth and it is described as "a blend of dewy green notes, fresh cut flowers and warm, tender woods. Call it chic and sophisticated. Call it the perfect fall scent." I like what I can smell so far. It smells great--light and very green. I will have to try it later on to give it a more accurate review. I have horrible allergies right now and am unable to smell much of anything :(

It is going to be available in an EDT spray for $22 and a body butter for $12.