Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

Gift With Purchase at kzm Facial Care Boutique; A Look Ahead

I am having a GIFT WITH PURCHASE through Saturday at midnight.

All customers will receive a complimentary GOAT'S MILK FACIAL CLEANSER (2 ounces) and a deluxe sample jar of GOAT'S MILK FACIAL CREAM with any purchase.

I have added MANY new pre-made 3-in-1 cleansers, hand creams and body creams to the shop. Most of these are products I had made a few weeks back for my gift baskets and for events. I am phasing out custom scent requests. The only items that I am currently offering in ANY scent off the scent menu are my DRY OIL SPRAY (until August 1) and my HAIR MIST. Hair Mist is most likely going to be offered in any scent for the duration.

What else is new: AUGUST 1st will be the debut of my DIVINE DESSERTS COLLECTION featuring 4 ounce body creams ($7) and 2 ounce Dry Oil Sprays ($6).

These will be the only scents available in body creams and dry oils sprays from August until my Fall Harvest Collection scents debut. Some are new, others are long-time favorites.

Here they are:

Peach Baked Alaska Cupcake--White cupcakes, creamy vanilla ice cream, meringue and hot sliced peaches

Flour City Berry Cake--White Cake, Blackberries, Red Raspberries and White Tea Infusion

Bakery Cakes--Cupcakes, Yellow Cake Batter, Pound Cake and Chocolate Fudge

Scrumptious--my exclusive blend of dark chocolate truffle, a dash of nutmeg, almond cookie, a drop of honey and vanilla absolute

Lemon Almond Creme Cupcake--Lemon custard is blended with almond cookie bites, whipped cream, and Italian Creme Cake

Pink Coconut Cherry Cupcake--Fluffy pink cotton candy, coconut, marshmallows and black cherries blended with white cake batter and iced to perfection! If you have tried my PINK COCONUT CHERRIES scent and enjoy cake scents, this one you'll surely love!


Honey Brew Shampoo will be out in August. The same basic recipe as my 3-in-1 (a Vegan Castile liquid soap infused with aloe vera juice), this recipe is made with Rochester's own HONEY BROWN LAGER, clover honey from a seller at Rochester's Public Market, and fresh lemon juice.

A hair rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar and an infusion of essential oils and herbs will be offered as well. My scented conditioner (again, time issues!), although a best-seller, will no longer be offered.

I will soon be doing a more lengthy blog piece on the benefits of beer for the hair, so stay tuned!

Fast Forward to Fall

I have already been working on my fall scent availability! I know that I will be bringing back DAD'S PUMPKIN PIE, KARLEY'S FALL HARVEST, SPICE IS NICE, VANILLA GLAZED DONUTS, OLD FASHIONED POPCORN BALLS, and APPLE BROWN BETTY. Those are tried and true best sellers for me in the fall.

A Note on Custom Orders:

Did I phase out something you are missing? Let me know. I often receive emails asking if I could make up something they used to buy but that I no longer offer. Sure, in most cases, I will be happy to make up that item for you. I won't be able to do it nearly as quickly as I can from my pre-made offerings, but I am always happy to accommodate my customers, both locally and over the web.