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Even More Etsy Love....

Etsy is my favorite shopping venue. It's funny. Two years ago, I would've laughed my head off if you told me that one day the bulk of the items I buy would be handmade creations and that I would soon dread going to a busy mall.

When I met my mom at the mall a couple of weeks ago, I realized that while I was enjoying our time together, I was no longer happy with the mall. Everything seems the same. Even my favorite store, White House Black Market, seems generic to me nowadays...until I make them my own with my favorite jewelry! If you do not know me "in real life", I wear black and white or just black most days....sometimes I do wear chocolate brown. Either way, I adore any handmade pieces of jewelry with some sort of shade of blue, namely turquoise...

I have recently found two new (to me) Etsy sellers who make some really unique pieces of reasonably priced jewelry: Earth Wrapped Jewelry and Corkycat and her Delights.

For only $7.50 I purchased a Blue Crazy Lace Agate ring. It is made of sterling silver, which is delicately wrapped. The stone is so pretty--one of my favorites. I adore all things in the turquoise color field and this is just so pretty, working well with my fair skin!

From Corkycat and her Delights, I bought an intriguing pair of Green & Purple River Stone glass beaded earrings for less than $5! Yesterday I wore these with a black boatneck 3/4 sleeve top and the earrings just added some flair. I received several compliments on the earrings.

Customer service was wonderful at both shops, and turnaround time was speedy. I will be a repeat buyer at both shops for sure! If you're looking for a pretty piece as a gift, I will suggest either shop. As I mentioned, both are affordable and the quality is very nice.