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Bundt anyone?

Above: A bundt soap in a Pumpkin scent from Aunt Nancy

Above: The Lemon Bundt Cake from Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soaps

Every time I see or hear the word "bundt" it makes me chuckle like a kid. I think back to one of my favorite movies, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, to the engagement party when Tula's mother was given a bundt cake by the in-laws. She had no idea what a bundt was, nor could she pronounce it.

Anyway, I was over at my favorite soap shop today pondering another soap order (actually, I do need some soon!) You've probably seen my posts about Nancy's wonderful soaps before. No one makes a better soap. No one. Her soaps are palm oil free and they are just so incredibly gentle. I have a hard time picking one favorite, but the Peppermint Chocolate is probably my most favorite.

I got to her Etsy shop and came upon her newest listing: the most beautiful bundt cake soap. It is Lemon Bundt Cake and looks incredibly decadent. I can almost taste it as I sit here eating my bland Wasa crackers...

It has this sweet and delicate looking glaze on top, which is actually coconut oil soap on top.

This one would make a purchase for a garden party or a wedding shower. You could have it on the table and slice up some soap to use as favors for your guests. What a beautiful soap cake this is!

I emailed Nan to see if I could share the picture with you and she so kindly included another picture of a pumpkin spice soap cake she made last fall. That looks even more delicious...Almost.
Nan also told me that the cake listed in her Etsy shop is scented with her Lemongrass Sage scent. Having used that bar before, I can tell you right now that this big bundt (and one that won't give you a big butt, LOL), smells incredible! Lemongrass Sage is one I tried in the last bunch--fresh and lemony, yet soft at the same time.

If you haven't tried Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soaps, what are you waiting for? Her soaps are exquisite. The lather is soft and nourishing and your skin will simply thank you!

As you know, I have a struggle with NOT hitting the "add to cart" button...this bundt is hard to resist....seriously, though...if you are having a shower or just want to truly indulge, this bundt may just be what you're looking for!

A Little Update: Since I am down to a partial bar of the Citrus Delight and about 3 days' worth of Island Coconut, I did buy 3 bars of soap for $12 at Nan's shop. Soap, in my eyes, is a necessity....I am trying one new bar, Mint Berry! I cannot wait to try it. I also purchased 2 old favorites: Peppermint with Chocolate Swirls and the Lemongrass Sage (a wonderful lemon). The damage? $16.90 including shipping.